Toddler Photo Contest – Free to Enter


We have all seen cute toddlers in pictures that can light up our day. Reading this article, you probably have a toddler who has amazing pictures and is very camera beautiful. They probably have a smile that can light up your day. Lucky for you, you can win money if enough people vote for your child because they think your child is the cute one.

Where to Look

There are many places online that have toddler and baby contests. One great place is your local paper. Our local newspaper has yearly contests for entering cute toddler pictures. They make the process easy by just uploading your child’s picture, filling out your contact information and then click submit.

You can also do an online search for terms like free cute baby photo sweepstakes and free toddler photo contests. There are a lot of types of contest out there. The best thing to do is to find a place where you feel comfortable having thousands or even millions of people looking at your child’s picture. This is tough for some people.

How to Enter and Important Rules

To enter these these sweepstakes, you first have to find one to enter in. You will then need to find a picture that not only you think is cute of your child but also others will too. Sometimes the parenting eye can get in the way of actual cuteness. When you find a picture, just go to the site and submit your toddler in the photo contest.

There are rules that you need to follow when you are entering your toddler into these photo contests. One important rule is these pictures cannot be taken by a professional. Usually pictures taken by professional are owned by the photographer and you have signed something stating you will not use these pictures besides your own personal use. Another common rule is the age of your child. Most toddler photo contests have an age limit of 0 to 4 years old.

Toddler Photo Contest

Entering your child into a toddler photo contest is easy. Who knows, your child could make you richer. I would suggest using that money towards their college tuition.


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