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We are a Full Service Mobile Notary and Signing Agent Service Provider for the Greater Sacramento Area. We provide Mobile Notaries through out Sacramento California and the surrounding cities. We have a full team of trained Notary Public.


A California Notary Public is appointed by State of California’s Secretary of State as an official of integrity to serve the general public as a certified impartial witness to perform a variety of official fraud prevention acts when signing important documents. The official acts called notarial acts or notarizations. Notaries are commissioned publicly as “ministerial” officials, there by meaning that Notary Public’s are expected to adhere to written rules without personal discretion unlike a “judicial” official.

A Notary Public’s duty is to verify signers of important documents like trust, powers of attorney and mortgages for their identity, their ability to sign without intimidation or duress, and the signer’s of the transaction or documents contents. Many notarizations require the Notary Public to place the signer under oath, declaring under penalty of perjury the information collected or contained in a document is correct and true.

Impartiality is the core foundation of a Notary’s Public trust. A Notary Public is bound by law refuse service in situations they have personal interests. The general public trusts a Notary’s screening task has not been corrupted by any self-interest. Their impartiality requires that a Notary Public never refuse service due to race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, politics or current status as a non-customer.

As official representative of the State of California, Notaries Public certify a proper execution of nearly all life changing documentation of citizens. Even if the diverse transactions convey grant powers of attorney, real estate, establish a contractual agreement, or perform a multitude of other activities enabling our civil society to function.


California Notary Seal

Unauthorized Practice of Law

Preparing, assisting, drafting, selecting legal documents, determining, or providing advice in any legal matters is to be considered an unauthorized practice of law within the State of California. Notaries cannot help decide what type of notary act to perform for a client.

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